Project Manager – New Jersey Branch


The Project Manager is a key member of the management of our company. The Project Manager is responsible for a significant number of our projects, from the early proposal stage to the final close out of the project. The project portfolio ranges from small to large projects. The company is usually a key subcontractor to large construction and engineering companies. The Project Manager’s performance in managing these projects is key to the success of our clients’ projects and thus of our company.

LRT is not just looking for someone with the right skills. We are looking for someone the desire and the competence to grow with our successful company. Aside from the right qualifications, we are looking for someone who has the right attitude for a small company: flexibility, initiative, self-starter, and going the extra mile.



  • Solutions Development – Development of the technical solutions of projects.
  • Proposal Preparation – Preparation of client specific proposals.
  • Negotiation – Participation in the negotiation of projects with the client, where appropriate.
  • Project Estimating and Planning – Estimating of equipment, consumables, staff hours and timing for project proposals; translating these into project budgets.
  • Staffing Requirements – Determining and securing the staffing required for projects.
  • Prioritization and Resource Management – Communicate with operations in regards to resource requirements for all projects in order to make effective use of all project staff and to set expectations with the client for the timeline to deliver the project.
  • Execution Management – Independent oversight of all aspects of the project’s execution. The Project Manager at LRT is not a desk-bound manager: hands-on involvement in the field as well as administrative proficiency is needed.
  • Financial Planning, Monitoring and Billing – Responsibility for financial tracking, and accuracy of input for all project records. Internal approval of project invoices.
  • Project Reporting – Reporting on project progress, internally and externally
  • Client Management – Management of the client, both for the project at hand as well as for the overall relationship.
  • Revenue Generation – Through projects and relationship management, the Project Manager is expected to generate revenue from project extensions and new projects.



  • Experience in construction-related projects is a must. Experience in Dewatering, Water Treatment and/or Remediation is a plus.
  • Demonstrated track record of experience and success in Project Management.
  • Ability to adjust style and detail of project management due to size and complexity of the project at hand.
  • Strong client management and communication skills.
  • Education: BS degree in engineering, construction management or a related science is a plus.



  • Ambition – The ability and desire to grow with the company. LRT is a young and growth oriented company. For the right person that represents a major opportunity to grow with us, and be part of the core of LRT.
  • Team Play – Ability to function well in a young and diverse team. In a small and growing company, we need close coordination, a can-do attitude, and equal respect for all levels of staff
  • Flexibility – Ability to do whatever is needed. While the Project Manager is a senior person in our company, we do expect a hands-on approach, both in the field and in the office.
  • Client Orientation – Good communicator. Gets along with the client. Personality that can deal effectively with client problems as well as opportunities.
  • Initiative – Independent thinking, a mindset of continuous improvement.
  • Engineering – The ability to come up with complex and innovative solutions. Willing to learn.
  • Accuracy – Detail oriented when it comes to client satisfaction, project and financial detail.



The Project Manager reports directly to the Branch Manager.



The company pays competitive salaries and provides healthcare, dental and 401K matching. This is a full time position. The location of the job is at the company’s offices in Prospect Park, NJ.

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