A full-service remediation and dewatering contracting firm with an extensive equipment rental service, Lockwood Remediation Technologies, LLC features a turnkey approach to assist its clients with all phases of their dewatering, wastewater, or remediation projects. Whether it is design, permitting, installation, rental equipment, assistance in the operation, maintenance of provided systems or construction, LRT brings innovation and expertise to the project.

Lockwood Remediation Technologies was founded in 2011 by Paul Lockwood who has worked in the field of remediation, dewatering and wastewater treatment since 1991.  Prior to establishing LRT, Paul was the New England Regional Manager for a large contracting and remediation firm.  “Since LRT’s founding in 2011,” Paul explained, “We have earned the enviable reputation of being the go-to company when firms need remediation, dewatering, or other environmental or construction services. Our team has the expertise that spans a wide range of the types of assistance our clients need.”

The company attributes its success to these key ways of working:

First and foremost, the team at LRT are problem-solvers, and communication is the cornerstone of our excellent service. Our clients demand superb service, and we deliver it. In this business, much relies on excellent communication. LRT returns every phone call to clients with questions. Also, any issues that arise are fully resolved before progressing to the next step.

When submitting proposals, we first develop a recommendation of the best approach to the project. This is backed by our expertise, having done perhaps hundreds of similar projects in our collective history. The bids reflect not only the required specifications, but also include a suggestion to a method or an innovative approach that can save time and/or money. Our goal is to become a partner to our clients – not simply a vendor. We develop deep relationships with our clients by providing them with the best approach and pricing.

As a turnkey contractor, we have the ability to solve whatever problems that may arise on a project. Our company has all the resources needed to overcome any issue, which may include; water treatment, permitting, design, equipment rental, field installation service, operation and maintenance, electrical systems, or telemetry service. We collaborate with clients to resolve the problems and keep the project moving forward.

Our approach in compensation is to be fair. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solution. Our pricing is backed by our level of expertise, which is second to none, and the quality of our work speaks for itself.

A project is a collaboration of different parties with a common goal. We pride ourselves on being considerate and understanding to the interests of all parties involved. At LRT, we bring innovative solutions to the inevitable challenges that arise; such as simultaneously working around other contractor activity. We may temporarily move equipment to accommodate another phase of the project or stage our work so that it does not impact negatively on another party. We select the proper equipment that may be more modular or flexible to adjust to specific site needs. We also try to be cognizant of everyone involved and create accommodations accordingly to ensure that project progress is not hindered.

LRT has assembled a top-notch team, both smart and innovative. One of our greatest assets is that we are the hardest working team in our field. Our team is conditioned every day to work both hard and smart. As stated by our clients, we perform at a consistently higher level than our counterparts in other companies.

Lockwood Remediation Technologies’ works with environmental consulting and engineering firms, general contractors, utility/power companies and other large industrial clients.  The firm has proficient knowledge in working with US EPA Regulations and the State Environmental Regulations for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York State. LRT has offices in both Massachusetts and New York and performs work throughout the Northeast and Midwest.

At LRT we partner with our clients to determine the services we will perform and which the client may want to do in-house. The company’s main focus in any project is to provide a qualified team to ensure all operations are carried out with efficiency, and that projects are completed with little downtime and utmost quality. The main services and supporting services of water treatment, dewatering, remediation, operation and maintenance, equipment rental, and permitting/design, all work together to accomplish this goal. In addition to our keys ways of working, LRT’s quality of work speaks for itself, which attributes to the company’s rapid growth and continual expansion.



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