Job Opening

March 10, 2023

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

LOCATION: New Jersey

Work Summary

LRT is seeking a Construction/Remediation Senior Project Manager with 10-15 years’ of relevant work experience to join our Lawrenceville, New Jersey office. The position is a full time, permanent position. Preferred candidates will have experience in environmental consulting and/or construction projects based in the Mid-Atlantic region. The preferred candidate will possess a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, environmental engineering, geology, construction management, or environmental sciences. It is expected that the Senior Project Manager develops deep relationships with clients, coordinates the delivery of project work, is responsible for high quality completion of projects in the Branch’s region, and manages in close cooperation with the New England corporate office.


The Senior Project Manager is an integral part of the company-wide management team. Hence the collaboration in the current phase of development is key to the success of the New Jersey Branch. The main points of collaboration are with:

  • President of LRT on all major client development and sales opportunities, as well as on organizational growth and investment issues
  • VP of Sales and Marketing, as the day-to-day reporting line, collaborating on mobilizing all available resources of the company for the New Jersey Branch, as well as to oversee the sales process and opportunities
  • Project Estimator and Project Managers assigned to proposals for estimating and development.
  • All Project Managers on delivery, quality and scheduling
  • The Operations Manager on scheduling, assignment of staff on New Jersey Branch projects, and on sourcing of equipment, consumables and other resources as needed


  • Preparation of Submittals, Proposals and Water Discharge Permits
  • Client and Regulatory interaction and negotiations
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Execution Management – Independent oversight of all aspects of project execution including both administrative and involvement with field work
  • Responsibility for financial tracking, and accuracy of input for all project records and invoicing
  • Responsibility for revenue generation through projects and client relationship management