South Station

The development consists of Phase I of the South Station Air Rights development including the construction of a 49-story Tower over portions of the existing Head House and track and platform areas. The Tower is supported on new Load Bearing Elements (LBEs), bearing deep in the bedrock, interconnected by a system of LBE caps and grade beams. A single-level basement was constructed below the Tower to expand the limits of the existing Head House basement and finished to match the existing floor. On the west side of the site along Atlantic Avenue, a shuttle lobby and a series of ramps associated with the new parking is planned. The shuttle lobby and ramps is supported partially on and partially adjacent to the existing MBTA Silver Line Tunnel roof.

Dewatering was completed for the excavations associated with the LBEs, the associated underslab drainage system, the pretrenching for the steel sheeting, the dewatering associated with the demolition work of the existing basement mat slab, new utilities along Atlantic Avenue and excavations for the shuttle lobby and ramps associated with the new parking structure. LRT installed a water treatment system rated for up to 100 gallons per minute (gpm) to support the construction dewatering associated with the many phases this project.  Water was treated and discharge in accordance with a NPDES Remediation General Permit (RGP). The primary contaminants of concern in the waste stream included total suspended solids (TSS), metals and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).