Fenway Center, Boston, MA

The project included the construction of two towers: Building 1, located at 771 Beacon Street, consisting of 8 stories above grade; and Building 2, located at 775 Beacon Street, consisting of 14 stories above grade. The towers are connected at the first story and by a two-level below-grade garage.

Glaciofluvial deposits (Sands) were present at the bottom of excavation at the north and east sides of the project and these soils required preparation as bearing surfaces for the new foundations.  Dewatering and depressurization was critical to successfully providing a stable, properly prepared subgrade in these areas. LRT designed and installed a deep well dewatering/depressurization system to address the underlying glaciofluvial deposits that provided safe and dry conditions during excavation work.  In addition, LRT provided a water treatment system rated for flowrates of up to 100 gallons per minute (gpm) and designed to treat for total suspended solids (TSS).