Liberty Utilities Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP)

Specific project work included the excavation and dredging of manufactured gas plant (MGP) impacts at ten (10) areas across the site including areas along the Ten Mile River and Mile Brook located in North Attleborough, MA.

LRT provided dewatering via wellpoints for several of the deeper remedial excavation areas to maintain dry conditions.  The remaining areas were completed via sump dewatering.  LRT installed, maintained, and provided two (2) temporary on-site water treatment systems. Specifically, one system rated for 500 gallons per minute (gpm) and another system rated for 250 gpm for a combined total treatment capacity of 750 gpm. LRT also provided a MA licensed wastewater treatment plant operator for the duration of the project to operate the water treatment systems.  The water treatment system(s) discharged treated water back to the Ten Mile River in accordance with a NPDES Remediation General Permit (RGP). The primary contaminants of concern in the waste stream included total suspended solids (TSS) and subsequent solids management, manufactured gas plant related compounds (MGPs), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).