Willem van Rijn

  • CFO

Willem has been with Lockwood Remediation Technologies since its inception. Willem’s background includes a 35-plus year career in international finance, having worked as a Managing Partner for PricewaterhouseCoopers financial and consulting firm in New York City and in Tokyo. In addition to his long career in finance, he served as Chief Operating Officer of the global Greenpeace organization.

Willem serves as LRT’s chief financial officer and he explains the rapid success of LRT this way: “Paul Lockwood blends his academic training as a hydrogeologist and engineering background with practical and construction experience … a unique combination in this industry. Lockwood Remediation Technologies has been successful from the first day we opened its doors. It has grown and continues to to grow at a significant rate. LRT has assembled an experienced team of both senior and junior staff that share Paul’s vision of excellence, responsiveness and hard work. In the near future we plan expansion in both product line and in the geographic market it will serve. LRT is on its way to becoming the leading dewatering and remediation company in the Northeast.”